Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tech Task #9: Six Word Stories

These images tell a story about the current disaster happening in Japan. The first image, Peace, represents the serenity Japan once had. The second image, Destroyed, shows the destruction caused by the earthquake. Lost, the third image, depicts the country in ruin and lost as to what to do with the nuclear meltdown. Lost also goes hand-in-hand with Innocence, the fourth image, which shows a child being scanned for radiation. The innocence of these children have been lost in the disaster. The last image, Hold Strong, shows the Red Cross helping and trying to rebuild the ruined country.

The second six-word-story involves a child who can't learn through sitting and reading. He needs creativity to shine and reach his full potential.


Alec Couros said...

Hi Marie,
I really like these, but I'm a bit puzzled because none of these have 6 words in them.

Marie said...

Woops! I'll make two new ones. These are similar to a project I had done before in high school, where a story is made with only six words- like a poem, and uses images to emphasize it.