Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a Ramble

Hey guys,

So I said I would try to post more often on this blog as part of my class mark, but I've just gotten so caught up in many different things. Assignments for other classes, figuring out what I really want to do, if teaching is really for me...

Yeah. About that.

So this is ECMP 355 class - an education class for education students. I am very grateful to have taken this course. I've learned about so many resources that can be applied not only in the classroom, but in different classes I am in now and in everyday life as things become more technology-based. However, as my views change throughout my first year, I am trying my best to keep focused. I apologize for not posting as often as I hoped to at the beginning.

I have actually just applied to the Faculty of Arts Bachelor of Psychology with Honours program. So, with a heavy heart, I say goodbye to the teaching dream I once had. I am still aiming to complete all of my education courses I am in now, of course. It's just that my interests have veered elsewhere. Well, not exactly veered as in an unexpected sharp turn... I've always had an interest in psychology but never thought I was smart enough to make a career out of it, since it is a science and I would have to get a doctorate. That has all changed, though, as I've received a taste of what university is like and have become more ambitious and confident in my abilities as a student. I plan on becoming a Clinical Psychologist and dropping my Arts Education degree with a major in Dance.

So please, forgive me for not updating frequently to this blog. A lot has been on my mind lately, but I've never thought of sitting down and typing it all into a blog. I'd just like to thank the people who have read it and who have encouraged my teaching viewpoints. I am still very passionate about child education and art, but I believe my calling is elsewhere. One day I'll return to this road. I am sure of it.

Thanks for such a great class and for all of the amazing tools it presented!

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