Monday, February 7, 2011

Tech Task #5- Priceless

My first time using movie maker! I got help with audio and music from my friend Jarrett. The images are from some galleries of ballet dancers, featuring Gillian Murphy and the American Ballet Theatre. I don't have any images of my own on the university desktop, so I did the best I could. Hope you enjoy it!

Video put together by: Marie Sanderson
With the assistance of: Jarrett Crowe
Images by: Corbis and Gene Schiavone
Music by: Tchaikovsky


Lyn said...

Your commercial was one of my favorites! You told a great story. I think that's such a neat project idea!

Sue Downing said...
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Sue Downing said...

Marie, you did a nice job.

keyairajones22 said...

Awesome creation!